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December 2017

Blogging for Business Owners – Can It Increase Your Retail Sales?

As a business owner you may have been advised to blog about your company, its products or services and you may be wondering “what’s the point?”  If you thought blogging was something for journalists or aspiring authors, then it’s time to think again.  Blogging is the new Marketing and failing to do so can leave you and your business behind in the 21st Century.  This is the Digital Age and savvy retailers and businesses know that leveraging as much muscle from the internet as possible is the way forward for all businesses in today’s busy world.  Let’s just take a look at some of t

Don’t Get Clobbered by Christmas Credit Card Debts

We recently came across some alarming news for those who are in debt and struggling to maintain the repayments in an economic climate of doom and gloom.  A massive six million Britons who are struggling with their debts have had their credit limits raised by card companies without asking for this!  According to figures collected by the Citizens’ Advice Bureau some unscrupulous financial product companies are putting individuals at risk by giving higher credit limits to a third of people who are having trouble financially.  Citizens’ Advice warn that credit card com