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Accounting Software – The Benefits for Small Businesses

If you’re running a small to medium enterprise, chances are that you started really small and have been focusing on growing your business surely but slowly. When it comes to keeping on top of your finances, it’s often difficult to decide which method would be best. After all, you probably already have Excel installed on your computers and it’s a free solution for storing and organising data, especially financial figures.

Microloans Explained for SME Owners

When you’re starting up or running a small to medium sized business a small amount of funding can be really handy – it can help with initial start-up costs, help you grow your business and increase your turnover or even help to keep you from falling into debt. Microloans are defined as loans for small amounts ranging from a few hundred pounds to £50,000. For any would-be entrepreneurs out there, a microloan can help you to take your hobby and commercialise it or provide some working capital for a new business to grow.

Why you Should Implement an Alcohol Policy for SME Owners

Lloyds of London recently introduced a new policy that bans drinking alcohol during core working hours in a bid to eradicate lunchtime drinking. Today we’re going to take a look at how employers and small business owners can tackle the issue of drinking during working hours. When we say drinking during working hours, we don’t actually mean drinking while sat at a desk working or working in any other way, we’re talking about popping to the pub for lunch and having a couple of drinks.