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Avoid the Risks When Running a Home Based Business

If you’re running a business from home on your own, you’re not alone and you’re in good company.  You may be surprised to learn that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up a massive 99.9% of all private sector business here in the UK and a whopping 60% of these are sole traders.  That’s 3.3 million sole traders here in the UK – making up such an important part of the UK economy as a whole.  While running your own business from home has its advantages (no additional overheads, flexible dress code and good work-life balance to name but a few), there are also risks to be

Debt Collection News Roundup – March, 2017

Here at Access Credit Management we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with what’s going on the international debt collection industry.  We aim to bring our readers interesting and relevant news about the sector so once a month we publish a News Roundup.  This should keep you up to speed with all the important happenings in the industry and provide you with a valuable resource that that you can use to stay fully informed of all the latest news.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  You can let us know by email o

Brexit for Small Business Owners

With Prime Minister Theresa May poised to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially inform the European Union of the UK’s intention to withdraw, we’re taking a look today at what this is likely to mean for British businesses in the coming months.  If all goes to plan, Article 50 will be triggered this week and, unless both sides agree on an extension, the EU and the UK will have two years to agree a deal before the EU’s treaties cease to apply

How to Solve the Most Frequent Freelance Client Dilemmas

Here at Access Credit Management we fully understand the challenges faced by small businesses, sole traders and freelancers.  Freelancing and remote working is on the increase as digital technology sets us free from our desks and allows us to work from home, shared workspaces, overseas, en route (or even in our pyjamas if we want to!).  Working as a remote freelancer g

Budget, What Budget?

The past couple of weeks have seen some extraordinary events in the wake of Philip Hammond’s Budget. First came the announcement that the self-employed face an increase in National Insurance Contributions (NICs), swifly followed by a complete U-turn a week later following a swathe of critiscism and outrage, the Chancellor climbed down on the issue of an increase in NICs for the self-employed, leaving Hammond in a vulnerable position.