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VAT Avoidance by non-UK based Online Retailers

If you’re a small to medium sized business owner here in the UK with a retail website, chances are that you deal with customers from overseas and you may also deal with suppliers from overseas.  While the internet has provided businesses with a global marketplace, this brings with it issues that need to be considered, especially when it comes to finance and payments.  To begin with, if you’re selling to an overseas market, then your customers may prefer to see prices in their own currency and to pay with their national currency.   As if this weren’t complicated enough already, there’s also

Individual Voluntary Arrangements for dealing with Debt

If you’re struggling with debt, you may have seen adverts that offer to write off all of your debts – you may have even considered taking this path so that you can face the future debt-free.  However, don’t get taken it – it sounds too good to be true.  You know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true – that’s right, it’s not usually true!  It’s a way of persuading somebody with debts to take out a formal solution – or the solution involves spending even more money, delivering yourself even deeper into debt. 

The Benefits of a Business Logo

Until recent years it was usually large companies that had business logos – the rest of us just had names for our businesses.  However, with the advent of the internet came the requirement to have an online presence for all businesses, large and small.  This means having a business website and using social media platforms as a way of marketing your business to a wider audience, attracting more customers in the process.  Being online means being visual and a logo is the symbol by which your followers will recognise your business.  Nowadays, all businesses are encouraged to have a logo which

Debt Collection News Roundup – October, 2017

Here at Access Credit Management we like to make sure we bring our readers interesting and relevant news about our industry so once a month we’ll be publishing a News Roundup. This should keep you up to speed with all the important goings on within the sector so that you have a resource that keeps you fully informed of all the latest news. It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here. 


A “Breathing Space” for Debtors

Debt in the UK seems to be an ever increasing problem with the recent news that two parliamentary committees have urged the UK government to launch an independent inquiry into the £200 billion worth of debt collectively facing British households.  The current level of debt has come about on credit cards, personal loans and car deals and debt is now at the same level as it was before the 2008 financial crisis hit.  Moreover, there have been warnings lately from the Bank of England that interest rates are likely to rise as a result of rising inflation coupled with the burgeoning skills shorta