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How to Deal with your Christmas Debts

As we head towards the end of January, the dust from Christmas has now settled and we’re all more or less back to normal.  However, with figures showing that more than 40% of parents went into debt over Christmas, some of us may struggle for quite some time to recover from overspending during the Christmas period.  Apparently, the average household blew more than £800 on Christmas and, while that might seem like a fairly modest amount to some, it represents a lot of money to households struggling to make ends meet on a monthly basis.  Debts can spiral out of

Staff Sick Days Advice for SME Owners

Any small business owner who employs staff will be aware that this is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to employees phoning in sick.  Last year Daniel Kidd carried out a survey on behalf of Free Office Finder of 10,000 employees across the UK to find out about their sicknesses and a massive one third disclosed that they had taken a fake sick day (known as a “sickie”) in the past year.